No question, watching a good game of cricket is an unmatched pleasure. We know that you agree.

But, don’t you ever wonder how Murali managed to turn that heavy leather ball dead-square to baffle the best batsmen in the lights of Lara, Sachin, or Ponting? Or how Vassi managed to topple high-class batters like Kallis, Fleming, or Ganguly with those deadly out swingers? Or how Sanga hit those picturesque cover drives with such elegance and precision against bowlers like McGrath, Pollok, or Akhtar? Or how Aravinda made the fast and furious Brett Lee look like a helpless school kid with his furious pulls and hooks? Or how Mahanama clinched onto those seemingly impossible catches to win matches for Sri Lanka?

Here at Cricketry, we are as curious as you are…

So, this Segment of our Magazine – How To?” – is dedicated to finding answers to these mysteries. We will try to aggregate knowledge from all over the internet to bring you a step closer to these resolutions.

In this section, we will run articles in the nature of “HOW TO bowl a perfect off-spinner?”, “HOW TO keep your balance on crease when playing a pull shot?”, “HOW TO hold on to a low-flying slip catch?” and much more…

So, stay tuned folks. We will have a LOT to talk on!

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