Sri Lanka A team coach replaced

Avishka Gunawardena, who was a bit subdued in comparison to Sanath Jayasuriya, when they batted in tandem for Sri Lanka, is now a victim of the snakes and ladders game. By all accounts, Gunawardena was a success as coach of the Sri Lanka ‘A’ team, presiding over a team that achieved victory over West Indies, England and Bangladesh. He also mentored the Emerging team to victory at the Asia Cup. His successes far outweigh his failures. Now comes the unkindest cut of all. Gunawardena has received shabby treatment at the hands of the Cricket Board that has now asked him to coach the Emerging team instead of the ‘A’ team. The reasoning is far from convincing. He is tasked with producing players for the National Team. The unspoken thought is that the ‘A’ team that will tour India shortly, will be full of Sri Lanka ‘rejects’.

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