5 Weird Cricket Rules that You May Have Not Known

The game we love is full of bravery, artistry and mastery. It is not void of oddities though. For a break, let us have a look at some weird rules of cricket.

How weird are they is for you to decide…

1. You SHALL appeal!

It does not matter if a batsman is obviously out or not. The fielding team MUST appeal for the umpire to raise his finger. However, when the dismissal is quite obvious, the batsman usually walks off, respecting the spirit of the game.

Justin Langer, though, was not quite a fan of ‘spirit of the game’ thing as can be seen in the below video. It is not the only time we saw something similar from him either.

2. How About We Withdraw?

When a batsman is declared out, the fielding captain can withdraw the appeal with the consent of the umpire. This is again a gesture of spirit of the game.

The below video is a prime example where Sri Lanka’s captain Marvan Atapattu decided to call back touring Australia’s Andrew Symonds when he was given LBW by umpire Peter Manuel in 2004. Sri Lankan skipper had realised that Symonds had a huge inside edge, and umpire Manuel also realised that he had made a mistake.

This was a crucial wicket which could have shifted the game well in Sri Lanka’s favour. But Atapattu and his men felt being true athletes was more important than winning a game. Umpire Manuel was also apologetic and genuine enough to call back the batsman.

In the end, though, Chaminda Vass conjured up a breath-taking final over to secure a nail-biting one-run win for the lions. It was, perhaps the reward Sri Lanka reaped for showing high quality sportsmanship.

3. Keep Your Headgear Away Folks!

If the ball somehow hits the cap or helmet of a fielder in the process of him/her completing a catch, it is ruled NOT OUT. But the ball can bounce off any other part of the body.

While a little different than this, have a look at this weird incident where Andrew Symonds hits a straight drive which bounces of the non-striker (Michael Clarke) and caught by a fielder.

4. Shoo Away from the Square!

Having two fielders behind the square is not allowed in all forms cricket. This is to prevent from bowlers placing fielders either side of the square and then keep bowling short length deliveries. Again, this is imposed in line with the spirit of the game.

5. Hit the Roof? Dead!

By any chance if the ball hits a spider cam, roof, or any areal object after a batsman hits a shot, the delivery will be deemed dead. Cannot help if it was going for a sure six or if a fielder was gleefully waiting for a catch.

Australia’s Etihad Stadium (Marvel Stadium since 2017) is well-known for such incidents because owing to its roof. Have a look at this video where Mike Hussey gets disappointed over loosing a sure sixer courtesy of roof!

Any other weird rules or incidents you remember?

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